Decades of success

NAVYUG CHEMICALS has been trading chemicals for 45 years

"Times change and we change with them... Acceptance of change and the opportunities created will help future success."

This quote provides a good introduction to NAVYUG CHEMICAL’S long and distinguished history in the chemical industry, which stretches back to the mid-1970’s. The company has adapted to considerable change over the past 45 years, but some core principles have remained constant: a commitment to forward thinking, integrity and service.

The company was founded by Gobind Sidhwani in 1973 and perceived astounding prospective in India as a chemical merchanting operation. Its commercial success was strengthened under the stewardship of Vicky Sidhwani, a quiet but forceful character.

With India consistently acquiring global attention as an upcoming market in the trading field, Navyug Chemicals has established client associations with manufacturers from USA, Europe and Asia.

Focus on sales and marketing of speciality chemicals

Navyug Chemicals is currently headed by CEO Vicky Sidhwani, and the entire team under his leadership has geared up to distribute & market specialty chemicals and ingredients in India. Vicky Sidhwani was appointed as a full time Executive Director in 1996 and has led a successful management to take the speciality chemicals business private and independent.

Navyug Chemicals continues to operate from its head office in Mumbai, India. It successfully promotes a progressive, forward-looking approach to the sales and marketing of speciality chemicals while benefiting from a deep-rooted history of growth and adaptation to change.

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